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xMatt Bomer xNot sure if I like the pink pants xhaha he can rock anything though xLove the blazer and tie though x(I'm basically editing everything now :P) xMy own edits xPhotoset xInfinitePicsofMB xQueue: busy busy busy
In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, Matt Bomer playing in celebrity football games 2011-13
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xMatt Bomer xJoe Manganiello xI just love that Matt and Joe do these together haha xAnd Matt actually isn't 'playing' in any of these pics xwhoops ;P xMy own edits xPhotoset xCelebrity Beach Bowl xMatt and Joe xQueue: busy busy busy x(sorry for the long post)
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xMatt Bomer xMagic Mike promo gave us so many good moments and pictures xCan't wait for this year! xFor some reason xI like pictures where he isn't looking directly at the camera xMy own edits xPhotoset xMagic Mike promotion xInfinitePicsofMB xQueue: busy busy busy

88-89 (aka intense seductive stares) / infinite Matt Bomer pics I like

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xMatt Bomer xHis stare is so intense here xalmost too intense for me haha xI really hate the coloring xso sorry about that xMy own edits xPhotoset xInfinitePicsofMB xQueue: busy busy busy

“We all took a very small break [during production], and he came back half the person he was and twice the man…We all put on weight, to help out…It was really amazing to be a witness to what Matt did. It was astounding.” -Julia Roberts on Matt Bomer’s physical transformation for The Normal Heart  [coming to HBO in May]

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xMatt Bomer xI know a lot of people have edited these already xbut I just had to xLook at that adorable laugh and smile xGosh he looks so good no matter what xThanks to xfor the photos xCan't wait for May! xMy own edits xPhotoset xTCA xThe Normal Heart xQueue: busy busy busy xPS: idk if the pictures and quote go along with each other xI doubt it xJust FYI in case xI guess?

Matt Bomer at the 2013 People’s Choice Awards

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xMatt Bomer xIan Somerhalder xWillie Garson xChloe Grace Moretz xPeople's Choice Awards xI'm pretty sure he's not going to be there tonight right? xGosh he looked so good xhaha sorry for the poor coloring :/ xthey don't match at all xMy own edits xPhotoset


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