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→ Semi-hiatus until September, so I may not be able to respond to your message immediately. Please feel free to send them though! ←

Unfortunately this is a sideblog so I can't respond privately to messages (one of my biggest regrets as you will soon see haha).

I usually publish the messages I get, especially if it's a question, so please let me know if you do NOT want me to publish it. If I do publish it, I will tag the post with your url so you can easily find it.

If I don't publish your message, I will either send you an anonymous ask (signing it "theperfectionthatismattbomer") or not respond (basically if you don't have anonymous turned on). If you want me to see your response to my anonymous ask, just tag it with "theperfectionthatismattbomer" or leave me another ask, whatever works best for you.

I read every ask and message I get so know that I thank you for them and am NOT ignoring you. If I didn't respond to your message, always feel free to send me another one as I may have never gotten your message or I may have just forgotten to respond.

If you can, send me some fan mail as I can respond directly with this url and it makes things a lot simpler.

Sorry for all that text haha ask away now! xoxo