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hi! do you know if white collar is filming in New York next week? (July 27-august 2nd). I know it's their last time filming ever:( I really want to meet Matt. do you know where they might be possibly as well?

Hi! I’m pretty sure they will be. Check out OLV on Twitter who always has a lot of tweets about exactly where and when they’re filming.

I’m going to post this in the tags too so hopefully anyone who has more specific information/dates/locations will be kind enough to share it with me/you.

I’ve never had the opportunity to be in NY to visit their set so I haven’t done any research at all about it, sorry! I hope you’re able to meet Matt and everyone else! xoxo

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What about Guiding light? We're you not able to get to it or...

Hi! I didn’t find the entire episodes that Matt was in but there is indeed a playlist of all of Matt’s Guiding Light scenes on YouTube. I will add that link to my Masterpost now :)

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Hello :) I've been watching white collar pretty much every hour of the day, I'm obsessed, problem is I only have the first three seasons and I might shoot myself if I don't start season four, the end to season three was enough to make the suspense kill me, do you know where I can find it, because the link you provided before doesn't let me see it, there's always adds on the video, thanks! Xxx

Hi! Yay for new White Collar fans! :)

You’re talking about the links on my Masterpost right? Do you have Adblock Plus or something similar installed on your web browser? That should block any ads that are preventing you from watching the video.

Were you able to watch the Season 3 episodes with no ads? The Season 4 episodes are on the same website, Firedrive. It would be weird if you could watch the Season 3 eps but not the Season 4 eps. Can you watch 3.16 but not 4.01?

If you do have it installed and the ads are still there, take a screenshot of what you see when you try to watch the video and submit it to me?

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"To my incredible husband, Simon Halls, and our three kids, Kit, Walker, Henry: thank you for supporting me when I was 130 pounds and really, really hangry." -Matt Bomer

"To my incredible husband, Simon Halls, and our three kids, Kit, Walker, Henry: thank you for supporting me when I was 130 pounds and really, really hangry." -Matt Bomer

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Any chance that you have pictures of Matt in that black turtle neck??

Hey! Hmm which black turtleneck are you talking about? He wore one on set of The Normal Heart. Is this what you’re thinking of?

Or are you thinking of ones he wore in White Collar? Here are captures of him wearing one in the pilot and also this episode and this one. Click through the gallery as there are a lot of pictures for each one.

Let me know if those are what you’re talking about! xoxo

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Anonymous said:
Can you post a link to the episode of Glee when Matt was on? If you have it, thanks.

I totally can! Here are some links to his episode (3.15 ‘Big Brother’):

Let me know if any of them don’t work.

You can find my recently completed masterpost of Matt’s filmography here! It has links to watch all of his works xoxo

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Matt Bomer takes a moment as he becomes emotional after winning the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Movie or Mini-Series

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Matt Bomer won the award for ‘Best Supporting Actor in a Movie or Mini-Series’ for his performance as Felix Turner in The Normal Heart at the 4th Annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards on June 19, 2014. Here is my transcription of his acceptance speech.

What follows is a full transcription by me of his interview with various members of the press immediately after his win. Watch the video of this here courtesy of uninhabited-paradise.

Matt Bomer: Pernicious. Could you use it in a sentence?
Press Member: I can’t, sorry.
MB: P-E-R-N-I-C-I-O-U-S.

PM: How’s your head right now?
MB: I don’t know where it is. It’s all somewhere out here and I’m just on cloud nine. I’m just so grateful and thankful and mostly, just happy for the film and the story that I’ve loved for so long, that to be recognized tonight is just a dream come true for this movie. I read the play for the first time when I was 13 and for it to be given the voice it’s been given with HBO, it’s just completely, I think, the culmination of so many people’s work and just the best possible scenario we could’ve hoped for.

PM: How long have you been hoping for a project this juicy to really show what you can do?
MB: My whole career *laughs* It’s so rare. I think I became an actor because I read plays like this: Brecht and Shaw and plays that educated me and challenged my viewpoints and enlightened me. And then when you go out into the professional world, suddenly you’re thin-sliced or whatever; you’re categorized and it’s rare that you get the chance to really be a part of something like this that hopefully has some type of social resonance. So I’ve been waiting a long time and I just prayed everyday to that generation of people that I would get out of my own way and just tell their story as truthfully as possible.

PM: What’s been the response of people since the film has come out?
MB: It’s been really varied: there’s an older generation who’s wanted to share pictures and stories with me. It’s been such a unique and distinct privilege for me to get to hear them and be present with them for what they want to share. There’s a younger generation that expresses that they really didn’t understand what was going on. They kind of knew about it vaguely, but they didn’t really understand just how harsh and unjust the situation really was in immediate.

PM: So now that you’ve scored such a juicy role, where do you go next?
MB: Well I have some jobs I have to finish out, contractually or morally, and then after that, I really just hope that I get to select roles that pay homage to getting to be a part of this one.

PM: Will you be in Magic Mike 2?
MB: That’s the game plan. I don’t know a lot about it. I’m here right now. Maybe in a month or so, I don’t know.

PM: The guys often have it easier at these award shows when it comes to putting yourself together. Did you put a lot of thought and planning into how you wanted to look tonight?
MB: Well this [tuxedo] is Calvin Klein. But I guess I did. I think it’s important when you’re recognized at something like this to let people know you’re making an effort and that you’ve put some thought into it. So I figured, ‘hey that’s the least I can do’. But yeah, not too much time because I just flew in to be here and I’m getting right back on a plane to go back to New York to set on White Collar. So as much time as I could, I guess.

PM: And then, one great thing about these events is all the actors here that you can kind of chat up and fan out on, so who have you had a chance to talk to so far?
MB: That’s my favorite thing about these events is that you get to mingle with people who maybe you worked with five years ago. I just got to hang out with Matthew McConaughey for a little bit. You get to reconvene with people and meet your idols and the people whose work has inspired you as an artist over the years. I really enjoy getting to hang out with Billy Bob Thornton and getting to see a lot of my cast mates, Jim Parsons, and people from the film. I’m sure I’ll have much more fanning out to do when I leave here.

PM: We’ve been asking everyone what their first ever onscreen role was; do you remember what yours was?
MB: My first ever onscreen role…I was at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh and I was a checkout boy for Giant Eagle, which is a local grocery store. Does that count? It was a commercial. I paid my way through college. Or helped.
PM: Did it only air locally?
MB: Yeah, regional or something, I don’t really remember the specifics. But yeah, I was a checkout boy.

PM: How do you feel going into the Emmy’s now after your first Critics’ Choice Award?
MB: Oh I just want to be present in this moment. I’m so grateful for this night and this experience. That would obviously be incredible but those things are completely out of your control as an actor so I’m really just grateful that I’m working 70 hours a week on this show right now and able to just focus my energy and attention on that I guess.

PM: Thank you. Congratulations.
MB: Thank you so much. Thank you.

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Thank you critics for acknowledging this film. Thank you Ryan Murphy for this gift of a role and for trusting me with it and for making this movie happen. Thank you Larry Kramer for standing up at a time when it was not popular or easy to do so and speaking out. We owe you more than I could ever communicate in this speech. Thank you to everyone at HBO for giving this the voice it deserved—Michael Lombardo, Tara Grace, Len Amato. To my incredible husband, Simon Halls, and our three kids—Kit, Walker, Henry: thank you for supporting me when I was 130 pounds and really, really hangry. To Dante Di Loreto, Jason Blum, Dede Gardner, Brad Pitt, everyone who made this movie happen. And to the generation that we lost, I just want to say: we remember you and we honor you. This is for you. Thank you.

» Matt Bomer’s acceptance speech after winning the Critics’ Choice Television Award for ‘Best Supporting Actor in a Movie or Mini-Series’ for The Normal Heart  
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