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daguilera said:
hiii!! i was wondering if you could tell me were can i watch seasons 4, 5 and 6?? thank you so much!!

Hi! I’m guessing you’re talking about White Collar? Season 4 and 5 have aired and 6 will later this year. Do the following links from my Masterpost not work for you?

White Collar

Make sure you have an Adblock program installed. Let me know if you still need help :)

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xdaguilera xAsk

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xMatt Bomer xMattBomerEdit xI loved his outfit here xI still don't quite understand xthe purpose of the Giffoni Film Festival xor why Matt was there xor why he won an award xAnd everything was in Italian sooo xhaha xI'm glad he was there though xMy own edits xInfinitePicsofMB xGiffoni Film Festival xQueue: semi-hiatus until Sept

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Real-life Disney prince Matt Bomer

Real-life Disney prince Matt Bomer

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Anonymous said:
hi! do you know if white collar is filming in New York next week? (July 27-august 2nd). I know it's their last time filming ever:( I really want to meet Matt. do you know where they might be possibly as well?

Hi! I’m pretty sure they will be. Check out OLV on Twitter who always has a lot of tweets about exactly where and when they’re filming.

I’m going to post this in the tags too so hopefully anyone who has more specific information/dates/locations will be kind enough to share it with me/you.

I’ve never had the opportunity to be in NY to visit their set so I haven’t done any research at all about it, sorry! I hope you’re able to meet Matt and everyone else! xoxo

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xMatt Bomer xWhite Collar xHopefully you all can help! xThat would be amazing :)) xI can't believe they're filming for the last time soon xAsk xAnonymous
Anonymous said:
What about Guiding light? We're you not able to get to it or...

Hi! I didn’t find the entire episodes that Matt was in but there is indeed a playlist of all of Matt’s Guiding Light scenes on YouTube. I will add that link to my Masterpost now :)

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xNOTE: I HAVEN'T PERSONALLY WATCHED THE VIDEOS xso sorry if they're not all correct xor some are incomplete xI think they're all there though xthank you mattbomerfan.com xAsk xAnonymous xGuiding Light
philosxphy said:
Hello :) I've been watching white collar pretty much every hour of the day, I'm obsessed, problem is I only have the first three seasons and I might shoot myself if I don't start season four, the end to season three was enough to make the suspense kill me, do you know where I can find it, because the link you provided before doesn't let me see it, there's always adds on the video, thanks! Xxx

Hi! Yay for new White Collar fans! :)

You’re talking about the links on my Masterpost right? Do you have Adblock Plus or something similar installed on your web browser? That should block any ads that are preventing you from watching the video.

Were you able to watch the Season 3 episodes with no ads? The Season 4 episodes are on the same website, Firedrive. It would be weird if you could watch the Season 3 eps but not the Season 4 eps. Can you watch 3.16 but not 4.01?

If you do have it installed and the ads are still there, take a screenshot of what you see when you try to watch the video and submit it to me?

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xphilosxphy xSORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY xI hope this is helpful xSorry I don't know exactly what's wrong xHopefully you've figured it out already! xAsk

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Unfortunately this is a sideblog so I can't respond privately to messages (one of my biggest regrets as you will soon see haha).

I usually publish the messages I get, especially if it's a question, so please let me know if you do NOT want me to publish it. If I do publish it, I will tag the post with your url so you can easily find it.

If I don't publish your message, I will either send you an anonymous ask (signing it "theperfectionthatismattbomer") or not respond (basically if you don't have anonymous turned on). If you want me to see your response to my anonymous ask, just tag it with "theperfectionthatismattbomer" or leave me another ask, whatever works best for you.

I read every ask and message I get so know that I thank you for them and am NOT ignoring you. If I didn't respond to your message, always feel free to send me another one as I may have never gotten your message or I may have just forgotten to respond.

If you can, send me some fan mail as I can respond directly with this url and it makes things a lot simpler.

Sorry for all that text haha ask away now! xoxo